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Conspiracy of Silence (1991)

Director: Francis Mankiewicz
Writer: Suzette Couture, based on the book by Lisa Priest
Producer: Bernard Zukerman
Starring: Michael Mahonen, Carl Marotte, Stephen Ouimette, Maury Chaykin
Distributor: CBC Program Sales
Canadian Broadcaster: CBC

Love and Hate: The Story of Colin and Joann Thatcher (1990)

Director: Francis Mankiewicz
Writer: Suzette Couture, based on the book by Maggie Siggins
Producer: Bernard Zukerman
Starring: Kate Nelligan, Kenneth Welsh, Robert Benson, Leon Powell, Brent Carver
Distributor: Odyssey Video Release
Canadian Broadcaster: CBC

The mini series follows the deteriorating relationship of Saskatchewan politician Colin Thatcher and his wife Joann. After Joann sues for divorce Colin begins a series of clumsy attempts to have her killed, and is eventually successful. He is arrested, and after a sensational trial, convicted of her murder. It won five Gemini Awards, Best Director, Best Dramatic Mini-series, Best Actor, Best Photography and Best Writer, numerous international prizes and was the single most watched entertainment program of the year. Love and Hate was the first foreign program ever sold to an American network, and when NBC aired it in the summer of 1991, it topped the audience charts and finished number one for the week.

The Squamish Five (1989)

Director: Paul Donavan
Writers: Ken Gass, Terence McKenna
Producer: Bernard Zukerman
Starring: Nicky Guadagni, Trish Lamie, David McLeod, Michael McManus and Albert Schultz
Distributor: Canadian Broadcasting Company
Canadian Broadcaster: CBC

Winner of the Gemini for Best TV Movie, The Squamish Five tells the story of the notorious anarchist/urban guerrilla warriors in British Columbia in the 1970s who violently protested the government and corporations and were eventually captured by the RCMP.

Blades of Courage (1988)

Executive Producers: Bernard Zukerman
Starring: Christianne Hirt, Rosemary Dunsmore, Patricia Hamilton, Colm Feore, Tom Butler
International Distributor:
Canadian Broadcaster:
Produced by IGP

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