The Many Trials of One Jane Doe (2002)

Director: Jerry Ciccoritti
Writer: Karen Walton
Executive Producers: Bernard Zukerman, Jamie Brown, Michael Prupas, Kim Todd
Starring: Wendy Crewson, Steven Mackintosh, Sarah Constible, Jacob Tierney, Eric Peterson
Distributor: Muse Distribution International

This is the gripping case of “Jane Doe” who sued the Metropolitan Toronto Police over their incompetence in handling a series of rapes and attacks in her neighbourhood. The film won four Geminis; Best Director, Best Writer, Best Actress in a Lead Role, and Best Editing.

Savage Messiah (2002)

Director: Mario Azzopardi
Writer: Sharon Riis
Executive Producers: Bernard Zukerman, Jamie Brown, Michael Prupas
Starring: Polly Walker, Luc Picard, Isabelle Blais, Louis Ferreira, Isabelle Cyr, Julie LaRochelle
Canadian Broadcaster: Showcase
Distributor: Muse Distribution International

Quebec cult leader Roche Theriault terrorised the women in his commune and was forced to ever more isolated locations, but it was only through the persistent efforts of a social worker that the truth about his mental and physical abuses were uncovered. Produced for Showcase, this the network it’s highest ever ratings to that point. The film won Geminis for Best Actor, Best Actress in a Supporting Role, and Best Screenplay.

The Investigation (2002)

Director: Anne Wheeler
Writer: Bruce M. Smith
Executive Producers: Bernard Zukerman, Jamie Brown, Michael Prupas, Wendy Hill-Tout
Starring: Nicholas Lea, Reece Dinsdale, Lochlyn Munro, Paul Coeur, Michael Hogan, Duncan Fraser
Canadian Broadcaster: CTV
Distributor: Muse Distribution International

This tense and chilling drama details the careless and mismanaged hunt for the serial killer, Clifford Olson. Winner of the Gemini for Best Screenplay

Chasing Cain: Vows (2001)

Director: Jerry Ciccoritti
Writer: Andrew Rai Berzins
Producer: Bernard Zukerman
Starring: Peter Outerbridge, Alberta Watson, Janet Wright
Canadian Broadcaster: CBC
Distributor: Muse Distribution International

A brutal drive-by shooting of a Croatian woman who works at an abortion clinic sends two homicide detectives out onto the streets of one of the world's most culturally diverse cities. Their first suspect has ties to the pro-life movement. But a sudden turn of events, a fresh trail of clues and a suicide attempt by the victim's Serbian husband lead the detectives into the impenetrable world of Balkan politics and prejudices. As they hunt for the killer, they uncover an ethnic war between Croatians and Serbians amid the urban backdrop of downtown Toronto.

Revenge of the Land (1999)

Director: John N. Smith
Writer: Sharon Riis, book by Maggie Siggins
Executive Producers: Bernard Zukerman, Micheline Charest, Ronald A. Weinberg
Starring: Kenneth Welsh, Chandra West, Jennifer Dale, Seann Gallagher, Nicholas Treeshin, Carmen Moore
Distributor: Cinar
Canadian Broadcaster: CBC

This tale of greed, corruption and love follows the family of John Hawk and founding of Saskatchewan, in particular, the contest between Moose Jaw and Regina, for political and economic supremacy. The mini-series became a hit for both CBC and CBS and won five Gemini Awards; Best Director, Best Performance in a Supporting Role, Best Sound, Best Movie or Mini-series, and a special award.

The Sleep Room (1998)

Director: Anne Wheeler
Writer: Bruce M. Smith, based on the book by Anne Collins
Executive Producers: Bernard Zukerman, Micheline Charest, Ronald A. Weinberg
Starring: Leon Powell, Macha Grenon, Nicola Cavendish, Gabrielle Rose, Emmanuel Bilodeau

Net Worth (1995)

Director: Jerry Ciccoritti
Writers: David Cruise, Alison Griffiths, Phil Savath, Don Truckey, book by David Cruise and Alison Griffiths
Producer: Bernard Zukerman
Starring: Aidan Devine, Kevin Conway, Robin Gammell, Chris Marotte, Richard Donat, Dan Lett
Canadian Distributor: CBC
Canadian Broadcaster: CBC

This thrilling two hour TV movie based on the book of the same name, brings to life and to light, the fight by the top players of the NHL at the time, to form a union. Ted Lindsay leads his fellow players in a desperate struggle for equitable pay and treatment. The film was an incredible success, winning four Geminis; Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, and Best Actor in a Supporting Role.

Million Dollar Babies (1994)

Director: Christian Duguay
Writers: Suzette Coutiue, Stuart Foxman, John Nihmey
Executive Producer: Bernard Zukerman, Micheline Charest
Starring: Beau Bridges, Roy Dupuis, Celine Bonnier, Sean McCann, Ginette Reno, Kate Nelligan, Dominni Blyth
Distributor: The Cookie Jar Company
Canadian Broadcaster: CBC

Winner of four Gemini Awards, this is the exceptional story of the early years of the Dionne Quintuplets and the struggles of the various people and groups attempting to exploit, control and care for them. Premiered on CBC and CBS Television in November 1994, it was the first time CBS pre-licensed a Canadian production. It was the highest rated entertainment program of the season on CBC and helped CBS win the November sweeps. Prior to broadcast, this four hour mini-series had been sold around the world.

Dieppe (1993)

Director: John N. Smith
Writer: John Krizanc, based on the book by Brian Villa
Produced by: Bernard Zukerman
Starring: Gary Reineke, Victor Garber, Robert Joy, Peter Donat, Aidan Devine, Larissa Laskin, Gabrielle Rose
Distributor: Morningstar Entertainment, BFS Entertainment and Multimedia Limited
Canadian Broadcaster: CBC

A poignant and intimate depiction of the daily lives and struggles of the Canadian servicemen who took part in the tragic and mismanaged raid on Dieppe during World War II. This beautifully written and produced drama is recognized as one of CBC Television’s most ambitious projects to date and won the Gemini for Best Dramatic Mini-series. Dieppe aired in January 1994 becoming immediately both a commercial and critical success, and was subsequently sold around the world.

Conspiracy of Silence (1991)

Director: Francis Mankiewicz
Writer: Suzette Couture, based on the book by Lisa Priest
Producer: Bernard Zukerman
Starring: Michael Mahonen, Carl Marotte, Stephen Ouimette, Maury Chaykin
Distributor: CBC Program Sales
Canadian Broadcaster: CBC

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