About IGP

About us

IGP has been part of the television landscape in Canada and around the world for over 3 decades. Under veteran producer, Bernie Zukerman, IGP has delivered Canada’s most successful docu-dramas. IGP successfully turned its attention towards series and mini-series, while keeping a special place in its heart for historical drama and stories of extraordinary or every-day triumphs. This family-run, boutique production company is now led alongside the steady hand of Rayne Zukerman, Bernie’s daughter, and has since produced several high-quality scripted dramas currently being aired around the globe.

Two seasons of the cop procedural KING about hard-boiled homicide detective Jessica King was a bonanza on the international market. Two seasons of REMEDY a medical procedural about a family of doctors working in one hospital was critically and internationally acclaimed.
IGP has produced a number of movies and mini-series for the global market, including THIS IS WONDERLAND for the CBC, and the feature film, NIAGARA HOTEL, starring Anna Friel, Kevin Pollack and Craig Ferguson.

Currently in production is a revamped and rebooted version of television classic, STREET LEGAL.

The IGP trademark is synonymous with finely crafted storytelling; pushing boundaries while thriving for creativity, integrity, and high production value. IGP has been nominated for 20 Canadian Screen Awards for best series/movies, and has taken home 8 wins.

This company is committed to inclusivity, both on and off the screen. We always seek to be a positive fixture in the television and film community and want to be part of the ongoing conversation.

IGP is still, and always, so grateful to be a part of this thriving community of storytellers.