King Season 2 (2012)

Created by: Greg Spottiswood, Bernie Zukerman
Executive Producers: Bernard Zukerman, Greg Spottiswood
Starring: Amy Price-Francis, Alan Van Sprang, Gabriel Hogan, Tony Nardi
Distributor: IGP Distributor
International Distributor: Beta
Canadian Broadcaster: Showcase
US Broadcaster: Reelz
Produced by IGP


Ticking clocks, fear of someone killing again, a victim dying before King finds them...every case is critical and Jess needs to solve it and solve it fast. But Jess is also going to be a mother, and she wants at all costs to save her third marriage. Can Jess King have it all?

Jess meets the challenges of each case while juggling her pregnancy, her husband’s gambling and the changing dynamics of the team. KING and husband DANNY SLESS have decided to start afresh: they’ve sold the house, paid off Danny’s gambling debts, and are starting to get excited about the baby.

Firmly in control of the M.C.T.F., Jess rebuilds the team according to her style and her needs. Her fresh ‘legs’ include PEN MARTIN a hot shot from the Spin Unit and INGRID EVANS, one of Organized Crime’s most experienced players. These new team members will inevitably shake things up and DEREK Spears will have to adjust if he wants to stay relevant.