Remedy Season 1 (2014)

Created by: Greg Spottiswood
Executive Producers: Bernard Zukerman, Greg Spottiswood
Starring: Enrico Colantoni, Sarah Allen, Sara Canning, Dillon Casey, Matt Ward, Genelle Williams
Distributor: IGP Distributor
International Distributor: Red Arrow International
Canadian Broadcaster: Global
Produced by IGP


Remedy is a unique, high stakes medical series that looks at the life of a hospital through the lens of an exceptional family of doctors. But it doesn’t stop there, the series goes beyond the operating room and the ER to reveal a compelling community of hospital staff who help make the healing happen. Combining the heart of Blue Bloods, the irreverent humour of House and the compelling characters of Downton Abbey – Remedy will be a fast paced prime- time hospital drama that offers a distinctive “upstairs/downstairs” glimpse behind the scenes.

No-one saves a life alone
In every medical crisis, doctors and nurses are called on to be heroic, but they’re not the only heroes. Beside them at work and behind them at home, there are people the patients never meet, helping to make the miracles happen. In the fast paced world of a big city hospital - no-one saves a life alone.