Dieppe (1993)

Director: John N. Smith
Writer: John Krizanc, based on the book by Brian Villa
Produced by: Bernard Zukerman
Starring: Gary Reineke, Victor Garber, Robert Joy, Peter Donat, Aidan Devine, Larissa Laskin, Gabrielle Rose
Distributor: Morningstar Entertainment, BFS Entertainment and Multimedia Limited
Canadian Broadcaster: CBC

A poignant and intimate depiction of the daily lives and struggles of the Canadian servicemen who took part in the tragic and mismanaged raid on Dieppe during World War II. This beautifully written and produced drama is recognized as one of CBC Television’s most ambitious projects to date and won the Gemini for Best Dramatic Mini-series. Dieppe aired in January 1994 becoming immediately both a commercial and critical success, and was subsequently sold around the world.